Dawn Fernandez- Lover of all things healthy for Mind, Body, and Spirit!

If you are looking for simple answers to your healthy lifestyle questions then this blog is for you.

I am passionate about fitness, nutrition, and wellness in general and want to help you to come to understand the essentials in getting back into a way of life that promotes you in every way in your Mind, Body, and Spirit.

My goal is to educate on the basics of nutrition from the most simplest of what to eat, when, and even portion sizes.

Also, sharing what I have learned through the years as an ACE certified personal trainer and also my knowledge base in the holistic field of Massage Therapy.

It seems with every job and profession I have had during my life, it has continually been about wellness in some regard. I love teaching others how to be the best that they can be, no matter what their starting point at this current time.

To Be Whole we must embrace all parts of ourselves, even the parts society tells us to reject. There are more people out there now more than ever who are advocating loving the skin you are in, and embracing what is as it is, while at the same time, knowing and moving in a healthy direction that will be of benefit to self and others. For I believe that we are truly more interconnected than we could even possibly imagine.

What you do for you, you do for another. You are like an extension of me and I am an extension of you. And may this knowledge shared bring blessings to you however life wants it to show up.

Be Well – and know what you are beyond words!not perfect


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