After quite an intense conversation with my Mom, I discovered that this topic, which could profoundly change the entire paradigm of how our culture and future operates as a whole, needs to be discussed.

   Most parents are aware of the profound shift that has taken place in the school system and how teachers are no longer permitted to spank or use corporal punishment in any way. At my child’s school, there is zero tolerance for any violence, inappropriate use of temper, bullying, and any other act that would be considerate violent or debasing. 

    With this shift in society, I have particularly noticed a stark and diametrically opposed belief/thought system that is still prevalent in most churches, including mine. Also, too, in my family, just the mere mention that I am for discipline, but do not advocate spanking, leads to discussions that turn very hostile, very quick. In fact, at a Bible Study, I literally walked out when everyone there was encouraging me to spank my child for his lack of discipline and his acting out at school.

   Our society is steeped in this age old technique used to get immediate results -BUT AT WHAT COST?

That is what I want to bring to people’s Awareness. I want people to take a look and see, is this really working? I mean, can we really absolutely know, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that this spanking of our children is really helping us and them in the long run?

How many people now would take the time to put their hand over their heart and ask to the depths of their Being…. Is spanking Violent?Is it true? How do I feel when I do this to my child? Do I really see the connection that what I am teaching my child is how to solve his problems with violence? And most importantly, If this isn’t working, “Is there a better way?”

What if spanking your child is the beginning or inoculation of the paradigm of violence into the psyche of the child that later on when stimulated by outside forces, helps to cause them when grown-up to act out in violence?

What if war and the perpetuation of all the dynamics of revenge and retribution get their start in spanking? I mean would you really trust  a person who was beaten as a child to later on in life be in control of the button that could start a nuclear war?

Can you see any, if at all, a connection between the laying of the foundation of this way of discipline that could really cloud a person’s vision into seeing that the only way to fix a problem is to attack the problem with a violent hand.

My biggest concern, and something that really bothers me is that this kind of supposed punishment is recommended by the Good Book. So no matter how many of us wake up and realize, ” Gee, wow, I can really see this violent thing really isn’t working anymore,” there is the Bible to come in and help instigate the next generation to fall again for the folly that using violence is the way to set things straight. My question is can we really stop and investigate, and delve deeply into our hearts to discover what the Real Truth is and not fall for outdated doctrine that was perpetuated to instill in their children long ago to want to be very aggressive, so as to be able to “take over the land that God promised them.”

Imagine if we didn’t spank, beat, or hit our children. Oh, what a new peaceful generation we would raise up! They would be so peaceful and loving that they wouldn’t want to fight all these Stupid wars. I mean what are we really doing in Afghanistan , anyway? And look at the sheer stupidity of starting a war with Syria. I mean, the guy kills all these people violently with chemical weapons. And then we think we are being so righteous by starting a war to stop him from further violence to his people, and by the way we are, of course, going to accomplish this through the means of violence. Come on people, wake up! Violence begets Violence! This can not be the way of sanity.

In conclusion, I hope that I have caused someone out there to at least question whether or not this way of violence truly can be the solution? And if violence is not the solution, what is?

We could really change this whole paradigm around and see the cause and effect relationship between our actions now that pave deeply into our children’s futures. For truly, the children are our future. Is more violence what we really want?


I stand for the Truth that violence doesn’t have to be the norm or the way to solve the dilemmas in our family life, with our children, or the world at large!

If you believe their can be a better way, join me at YOU Wealth Revolution, where we learn how to come into a way a life that is more in alignment with (Who We Truly Are.)


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